Galactic Embrace 2012 article

Galactic Embrace 2012 article.


Catching Up

My intention was to write in the blog each day of our trip…well that one went out the window!  Linda and I have been so busy doing things that it’s hard to believe we’ve been in New Mexico for a week already!   So to catch up…

May 10th we were in Truckee, CA.  What a beautiful place Truckee is.  We stayed with the most wonderfully, warm-hearted woman Shaman, Darcie White in a lovely home set amongst the tall pine trees.  She and her business partner Alaina Reichwald hosted us at their office at Sacred Stone Center for Well Being in downtown Truckee.  We had a full house that night and Linda and I were surprised and gratified to be amongst such beings.  The population of Truckee is only 13,864 (best estimate that I could find online) and yet this is a spiritual center of the highest calibur.  Did you know that there are several shamans there practicing different types of Shamanism?  We loved every minute of our visit to this town and were invited to come back again.

Here are some pictures of Darcie & Alaina and the scenery of Truckee:

Beautiful scenery in Truckee neighborhood Alaina & Darsie of Sacred Stone Center for Well-Being

After Truckee we headed for Reno and Las Vegas.  We didn’t have any classes planned – these were rest stops along the way to New Mexico.  In Reno I met a cousin that I didn’t even know existed until last year!  I had never met any of my father’s family and she is my father’s brother’s daughter:)  Anyway – Joanne I know you didn’t want your picture posted, but you really are a beautiful lady:)

Janet & Joanne Meet for the first time

Next stop was Las Vegas and my sister Nadine’s house.  We so enjoyed our time there!  We wished we could have stayed longer.  My sister and brother-in-law treated us to a trip to Hoover Dam and showed us the most beautiful scenery of Red Rock Canyon!  Hoover Dam is unbelievable!  The water level there has dropped by 30+ feet over the last few years.  In some of the photos below, you can see how low the water is now compared to where it has been.  This is all because of population growth in the Las Vegas area and years of below normal rainfall.  Red Rock Canyon is just stunning.  It is a 13 mile loop through beautiful varigated color rocks and strange rock shapes and formations.  I could have stayed there all day just exploring the area.  I definitely want to go back there soon!

The top of the white line is where the water line used to be!A Closer Look at Water Levels behind Hoover DamA Closer Look at the Water Line

Linda and I at Hoover DamMy sister Nadine and niece Debbie

We left Las Vegas on May 13 for Belen, NM.  What a drive!  I just gotta say, “Arizona, fix your roads!”  Their roads were so bad – cracked, potholes, faded lines, eek!  But the scenery was beautiful, especially once we reached the Flagstaff area.  Linda and I were really tempted to take a right turn and head south for Sedona:)  However, we were on a timeline and Sedona wasn’t in the cards this trip!  Maybe next time we can fit it in!

We did our class on the Maya Calendar on Saturday, May 14 to a hall full of NM Dowsers.  It was incredible!  They had to keep going out to get more chairs to seat everyone.  The people were very appreciative of the information we were sharing and they loved Kimosabe.  I think everyone had their picture taken with the staff or at the very least held it.

The people here in New Mexico are as enchanted as the land is itself.  Linda and I have been warmly welcomed into people’s homes, invited to sacred ceremonies and had the most wonderful experiences here.  Next up:  A class here in Belen and one in Albuquerque, then we begin our long trip home.  In July, we head for the great state of Montana for several stops – another adventure awaits us:)

California Here We Come!

After spending a most wonderful Mother’s Day with my sister and her family in Junction City, OR, Linda and I have arrived in California!  The drive here was absolutely fabulous.  We had good weather, and once we crossed out of Oregon we could see Mt. Shasta looming up in front of us.  She is truly a beauty.  This photo is from the south east of the mountain.  We were actually on I-84 heading toward Reno.

Thankfully we fueled up in Ashland, OR before we crossed into CA because there were no decent gas stations along the route to Truckee.  It wasn’t until we got almost to Reno that we began to see gas stations!  And, only 1 rest stop between Mt. Shasta & Reno!  What’s up with that?  Seriously though, I felt like I could just pitch a tent and live in the back country that we were traversing.  It was gorgeous and had a very spiritual feel to it.

We arrived in Truckee about 7:30 pm last night, we only got a little lost…and that’s because the GPS was trying to get us to turn left off the freeway but the sign said to make a right to Truckee.  We got ourselves reoriented after a frantic call to Darsie to give us directions to her house.  What a wonderful hostess Darsie is!  She made us a tasty chicken salad and bread for dinner – chicken salad doesn’t even describe fully what she made!  There were veges, dried cranberries, cheese, avocado and a wonderful vinagrette dressing.  It was perfect for a late evening dinner.  Finally, sometime after 11 pm we gratefully crashed into our beds for a wonderful nights sleep!

Tonight is our class at Sacred Stone Center for Well Being here in Truckee.  I’m sure that we will meet a whole other group of wonderful beings during our time here.  That’s what really keeps Linda and I doing this…the people and how they react when we share about the Maya Calendar.  Of course, Kimosabe doesn’t hurt either (the Maya staff gifted to Linda in March).  We’ll post more soon…

The Oregon Leg of our Journey

Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces in Portland, OR was our next stop.  We arrived there about an hour before the class so we had time to look around.  What a beautiful store!  Linda purchased a beautiful aqua aura chakra pendant for herself as a Mother’s Day gift with the help of one of HWSS’s customers:)  We were stunned to see a gorgeous pair of amethyst wings on display – unbelievably beautiful.  When I spoke to Joan D’Arcy, HWSS’s owner, she told me that she would be the red-head with the purple wings, but I had no idea what she meant.  But, now I do…:)

Linda and amethyst wings

We also met Jodi Snyder who is an 8th generation psychic reader who works out of HWSS.  And now she has a daughter who is following in the family tradition – wow!

Our class was filled with inquisitive souls who were totally open to our message of Unity & Conscious Co-creation.  I love watching everyone’s faces as you see the reality and truth of the Maya Calendar and its message dawning on them.  It’s what energizes me and keeps me working on getting this message out to the world.  And, then when Linda gets up and shares her experience in Mexico being gifted with the staff of the Mayan Elder, you can see how that part of our message makes it real.  They get to live vicariously through her colorful description of her experience with the Maya of today.

After the class we hit the road again heading this time to Junction City, OR and my little sister’s house where we get to spend Mother’s Day.  That is something that I can say that I’ve never done before.  It will truly be a special day for us since we are away from our own homes and our own children.

Tomorrow we head for Truckee, CA – a place that Linda and I have never been.  We’ll be on a new adventure.

The Journey Has Begun

Here we are getting ready for the trip of a lifetime:)  Both of us are so excited to share about the Maya Calendar that we could hardly stand it.

We both feel like we are being divinely guided on this mission and Kimosabe is a big part of our adventure.  For those of you who don’t know, Kimosabe is the staff that Linda was gifted by a Mayan Elder in Mexico in March.  It depicts the transfer of power from the divine masculine to the divine feminine.

The car trip down to Vancouver was totally uneventful – which is a good thing:)  We arrived at the hotel around 4:30 p.m. and had to freshen up before our class at 7.

Celestial Awakenings is an awesome metaphysical store in Vancouver, WA.  If you ever visit this area, be sure to stop in.  They have the most wonderful crystals and stones, and Jeff is so knowledgeable about every one of them!  You could tell they were lovingly cared for and truly energized the area around the store.  In fact, Linda and I could see the light emanating from the store before we even knew that we had reached the store! 

Here is a picture of Linda and I in the meeting room at Celestial Awakenings.  Everyone fell in love with Linda & her staff.  They were even having their pictures taken with the staff!  Isn’t that awesome?  Jeff at Celestial Awakenings had an aura application on his cell phone and took a picture of the staff.  The staff seems to have a blue aura, which indicates that it is trying to communicate.  He is going to send the picture to Linda sometime soon, and we will post it here as soon as we get it.

Today we’re off to Portland to Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces.  Talk from 2-4 p.m. and then we’re off to Junction City, OR to visit my sister for Mother’s Day.

Hugs from the road,

Janet & Linda

PS.  RJ – I somehow misplaced the rock you gave me to take on the trip!  I had kept it close to me and when I went to complete my packing I couldn’t find it!  😦  Maybe it found its way into my suitcase and I just haven’t stumbled upon it yet.  I’ll let you know if it shows back up:)

Astrology Keywords

   Aries – “I Am”     

Cardinal Fire, masculine, keyword “I am”—the process of building a personality, self-centered, self-directed,  leader, pioneer, courage, executive, energetic, impatient, need to learn coordination, completion and conservation,   often has headaches from a failure to relax, negative attributes are arrogance and the need to dominate—rules head


   Taurus – “I Have

Fixed Earth, feminine, keyword “I have”—will, stubborn, has lessons in life with acquiring a true sense of value, slow, steady, latent power, money, long suffering, kind and gentle—jealousy, greed and possessiveness (based on a fear of loss) may need to be overcome—rules the throat and the cerebellum

   Gemini – “I Think”

Mutable Air, masculine, keyword ”I think”—duality, conscious mind, sense of humor, butterfly of Zodiac, wit, Chinese monkey sign, twins Castor & Pollux represent earth-heaven duality in us that needs to be harmonized, highly geared nervous system, superficial, must control thinking—rules hands, shoulders, arms, lungs and nerves

   Cancer – “I Feel”

Cardinal Water, feminine, keyword “I feel”—mothering, sustaining, nurturing, womb, home, the interior of all things, the covering and protective principle, the most subconscious sign, no issue is direct or clear, difficulty separating thoughts from feelings, sluggishly moving energy—rules the breasts, stomach and the solar plexus


  Leo – “I Will”

Fixed Fire, masculine, keyword “I will”—the most vital of all the signs, fire of the heart, steady controlled fire of affection, faith, active power, loyalty, confidence, needs to learn dominion over self rather than over others, to delegate authority, and detachment (to give their warmth and affection to all)—rules the heart and the spine

   Virgo – “I Analyze”

Mutable Earth, feminine, keyword “I analyze”—discrimination, critical, inferiority complex, desire to reach highest possible perfection for self and others, love of details, true friend, fullest expression through service to others, highly geared nervous system, shy, home important—rules the assimilative system

   Libra – “I Balance”

Cardinal Air, masculine, keyword “I balance”—unions, marriage, relationships, conflict between the need to be all things to all people and personal integrity, peace at any price, the “iron fist in a velvet glove,” sweet, diplomatic, secretive about finances and personal matters, executive and legal minds—rules the kidneys

 Scorpio – “I Create”

Fixed Water, feminine, keyword “I create”—sex, death, catharsis, rebirth, strong passions, need to learn cooperation, equality and stability in relationships, reserved, power of silence, would rather sting itself to death than forego the pleasure of stinging, creative, resourceful, possessive—rules the generative system

  Sagittarius – “I Perceive”

Mutable Fire, masculine, “I perceive”—human/beast centaur shooting arrow heavenward to liberate self from lower nature, sports, gambling, “don’t fence me in,” friendly, extroverted, philosophers, teachers, priests, salesmen, con men, innate understanding of people, may be superficial in first half of life—rules liver, hips, thighs

   Capricorn – “I Use”

Cardinal Earth, feminine, keyword “I use”—ambition, social power, success, hard worker, expediency, tradition, strong ties to mother and home, may be colder to those who are closer than to acquaintances, leadership, persistence, materialism—rules the bones, skin and the teeth

   Aquarius – “I Know”

Fixed Air, masculine, keyword “I know”—individualists, rebels, mental pioneers, difficulty cooperating and in partnerships due to a strong will that allows no interference, inflexible, more emotionally involved in work than with people, needs to feel love rather than to think it, futurists—rules the ankles and the circulation

  Pisces – “I Believe”

Mutable Water, feminine, keyword “I believe”—sensitive, moody, introspective, surrender and submission to whatever stream they’re in to lose a sense of separateness, this world is not their habitat and the need to escape is strong, need to be alone and to retreat for renewal, serve or suffer, inferiority complex, feels unworthy—rules the feet